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More money, more problems

Man money shit has got me stressed the fuck out. I've only had health insurance through the ACA off and on throughout the year because of my financial issues. I also worked as an independent contractor for the entire year this time so all my income was untaxed. So I am going to have to figure out how to save up for that BS. So 2016 is stressful and it's not even the new year yet.

Okay, now here's some positive shit.

Otherwise, my life is pretty excellent. Chostochondritis still flares up but less and less as time goes on which means I am healing well.

Shit with my boyfriend is awesome. We're moving out together in a few months. After that, we are going to try and move back to his hometown in California. A few weeks ago, we did acid together and as we were coming down, we laid in bed together and he held me. While he was holding me, he kept telling me he loved me over and over. He also told me that I'm perfect, and he said he wanted to start a life with me. Then he asked me to move in with him. Oh joy! He and I have our problems, but overall I really like where things are going :D

Also, I'm getting a gun. The end.


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